VFE® Fine Sscreening Machines

Vibro-Flex Exciter (VFE®) screening machines work with a patented chaotic frequancy vibration system. The body of the machine vibrates with an amplitude of 0.5-1 mm and the screening cloth with 3-6 mm amplitude. Vibromotors starts the vibration through the body of the machine to  VFE system by exciting/ exaggerating the vibration. The resulting chaotic vibration causes the material on the cloth to boil/dance to get a high efficiency screening.



The chaotic frequency lab test made in Canada on our VFE 0.65x1.5 m screening machine.

With our patented VFE system, we get a high amplitude chaotic frequency, high amplitude vibration with a very low motor power.

Our screening cloth system works with “free impact system” to increase the capacity and help eliminate the blinding.


- High capacity and high screening effieicency.

- No blinding,

- Screening/filtering down to 20 microns,

- Humid/damp screening,

- Changing the cloth within 3 minutes.